Our Story

The ancient Greeks used the term ‘Auxano' to signify abundance and growth, both in quality and quantity.

We believe everyone should have access to high quality hot and cold purified water dispensers in their homes and offices in Singapore. A purified water dispenser gives the convenience of drinking hot and cold water at anytime of the day, saving time and energy to do the important things that matter.

Our products are carefully sourced only after rigorous evaluation on supplier credibility and product assessments for material durability and reliability have been conducted. To provide our customers with a quality assurance, our water dispenser, OHC-200U, has also been type-tested and complies with the safety requirements of the Singapore Consumer Protection Registration Scheme. Discover how the OHC-200U Hot & Cold Purified Water Dispenser fared by typing in our Safety Mark Number 210971-11 on https://go.gov.sg/safety-mark.

We commit to running our business based on the three pillars:

(1) Honesty – The water filtration industry is unfortunately rife with a lack of transparency. We place keen focus on upholding honesty and transparency in our dealings. We believe that business integrity and honest correspondence will foster trust and help us to build lasting relationships with our customers!

(2) Quality – Everyone desires the best quality for their family. That’s why we source high quality and durable products for our own family and for those of our customers. Top quality and long-lasting products = Happy Customers!

(3) Friendship – A friend is someone who has your back! We hope that our customers will be able to count on us as a go-to reliable source of information when it comes to the topic of water filters and dispensers. We hope to have you as our friend! 😊

If you’d like to know more about us, our products, or our services, do give us a call! We’d love to arrange a meeting and personally explain to you how you can upgrade your kitchen with your very own water dispenser.


Yours sincerely,

The founders of Auxano Health