Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For full payment, we accept direct bank transfers, PayNow transactions, Cash-on-Delivery, or credit card payment.

1. Bank Transfer via FAST

2. PayNow via UEN

3. Cash-on-Delivery: Initial deposit of SGD100 via PayNow or Bank Transfer, followed by remaining balance in cash upon delivery.

4. Credit Card payment

Note: Exact payment details will be available on the Order
Confirmation Page.

If you prefer to pay in instalments, we offer a 12-month interest-free instalment plan with DBS/POSB.

Initial deposit of SGD 100 via PayNow/Bank Transfer

Upon delivery, our Auxano Representative will provide you with the bank terminal to process the instalment payment plan.

In order to install your Hot & Cold Purified Water Dispenser, you'll need (1) a water point and (2) a power point.

If you are uncertain as to where the Dispenser can be best set up, please send us a photo of your preferred installation location. We will advise you accordingly.

We also provide free on-site consultation if you need further assistance. Call or WhatsApp us at 8163 4677 to set up an appointment for an on-site consultation session.

Traditional water dispenser are bigger but more budget-friendly as compared to tankless water dispensers.

Our Hot & Cold Purified Water Dispenser draws water directly from your water supply and purifies it before keeping the purified water at optimal temperatures in its holding tanks. There is no further need to top up water.

Yes, our Hot & Cold Purified Water Dispenser comes with a one-year product warranty. The one-year time period is counted from the date of installation and will be recorded in our system. You will not need to take further steps to activate the warranty.

Our 4-stage water filtration system consists of four filter cartridges. Each layer progressively removes impurities and harmful substances from the water while maintaining beneficial minerals in the water for your family's consumption.

Stage 1 - Sediment filter: removes suspended solids such as rust, dust and sand that are present in the source water.

Stage 2 - Activated Carbon Block Filter (Pre-carbon): removes chlorine and absorbs harmful organic chemicals out of the water.

Stage 3 - Micro-pore Membrane Filter (Ultrafiltration): selectively filters out unwanted chemicals and microorganisms (i.e. bacteria, fungi, algae) while allowing beneficial minerals to go through.

Stage 4 - Granular Activated Carbon Filter (Post-carbon): eliminates bad tastes and odors and absorbs remaining harmful organic chemicals that may be present.

We recommend a timeframe of six months of continuous usage before getting the machine serviced and the filter cartridges replaced. However, frequency of servicing and filter replacement should be adjusted based on individual usage capacity.

Yes, Auxano Health water filter cartridges are compatible with many other mainstream water dispenser brands.

Please take a photo of your water dispenser model and WhatsApp it to us with your enquiry at 8163 4677.